The Original Chicken and Waffles in Stowe

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If you’re looking for the true definition of home,Chicken and Waffles family, and mom – not just apple pie and the smell of fresh baked bread…Chicken and Waffles definitely needs to be a part of that deffinition in Stowe, Vermont.

Mama Burt experienced her first chicken and waffles at Rosco’s in LA. It is the mecca of chicken and waffles. It says comfort and family in a very strange dish. This deep south classic is like a childhood fantasy. You’re having fried chicken and a buttermilk waffle, together, on one plate! This southern chicken dish is usually served either with a traditional white gravy or a syrup. Mama Burt’s Stowe, Vermont version is served with local Vermont made maple syrup – for which we can thank Tom Godin.

Mama Burt said “My sister moved to Georgia, lived in Valdasta for 10 years. I went to visit, and she treated me to my first experience at a waffle house. I had forgotten about the chicken and waffles I used to enjoy with my brother in California.

When my sister came to visit Stowe in 2013, I said ‘let’s see if we can recreate a memory.’ So, we started playing with it. It’s perfect. There is a finesse to doing it right…”

Mama Burt introduced Chicken and Waffles as a special in Stowe 2013. “We kept playing with the recipe. Fried chicken is a challenge to get right. It has to be crispy and properly seasoned… not over breaded. We make it the old school way, in a paper bag.”

Chicken and Waffles at Burt’s Irish Pub in Stowe – The best thing to go with a night of drinking. Anyone with a  hangover says you need something greasy, it’s the perfect comfort food for a hungover brain. And to quote Maria H. “Janet, your Chicken and Waffles saved my life!”

“To me, it’s a dish that says mom. It says somebody loves me, cares about me. It’s the most decadent thing you can do with chicken. It’s like eating a memory. That’s what comfort food is supposed to do, remind you of a meal you had with mom and the family.”

So come on in and try Mama Burt’s chicken and waffles – the original Stowe Comfort Food!  

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