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World Cup Semi Finals in Stowe

ShareWe’ve got the semi-final game on today at 4 p.m. – Argentina vs. Netherlands!

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Tuesday Night Music At Burt’s

Live Music in Stowe

ShareSo, Burt’s Irish Pub is bringing a mid-week treat to town – Tuesday Night Music in Stowe. Through the summer everyone’s weekends are pretty packed, and late night, weekend music can be found easily. But many of the Burt’s family

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Special Members of the Burt’s Family

ShareWe like to say that our regulars are family here at Burt’s. That statement is a fact that is driven home when we get letters like the one below. Though it is a bit old by now, I still want

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The Original Chicken and Waffles in Stowe

ShareIf you’re looking for the true definition of home, family, and mom – not just apple pie and the smell of fresh baked bread…Chicken and Waffles definitely needs to be a part of that deffinition in Stowe, Vermont. Mama Burt

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Mama Burt’s Code of Conduct

Share1.You must play well with others. 2. All whining will remain in your head, put on a happy face. 3. We do not serve women – you must bring your own. 4. Respect for all is most important, especially for

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