Mama Burt’s Code of Conduct

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Basic RGB1.You must play well with others.
2. All whining will remain in your head, put on a happy face.
3. We do not serve women – you must bring your own.
4. Respect for all is most important, especially for all the dogs.
5. Don’t do anything here you wouldn’t do at your mom’s house.
6. Janet (Mama Burt) can hear all conversations including those held from the porch, bathroom, kitchen, parking lot etc…Be sure to follow the Code of Conduct at all times or she’ll know.
7. Don’t touch anyone that doesn’t belong to you, or that doesn’t want you to touch them.
8. If you want to argue go home, or everyone will know all your business.
9. We (Burt’s) are your service providers, not your referee, marriage counselor, or banker.
10. In reference to rule 9, these services are available with the expectation of BIG TIPS.

Remember, Burt’s is a family, so we treat each other as such. Respect is required of all that walk through our doors. You are also required to talk to others, eat your vegetables, and be yourself. And Mama Burt isn’t afraid to put her family members in their places.

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One comment on “Mama Burt’s Code of Conduct
  1. Rob in Natick- MA says:

    Great times at Burt’s. Found Larry! !! Great food and conversations. Find Burt’s and you will find a good time.

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