Find Larry and Win a Way Cool Burt’s Irish Pub Shirt

So, here’s the scoop…Finding Larry is kind of like a scavenger hunt.

Larry’s picture is somewhere on Burt’s Irish Pub’s website.

Simply find Larry’s picture and get a cool shirt of your choice. The first 15 to find Larry get a choice of the 3 shirts below (while sizes and supplies last)

drink up cut out

keep calmmagically delicious

This is the picture you’re looking for below. And no, you can’t use this one or the one on his drivers license…You need to find this exact picture,  like the one below…Only BIGGER…


Once you find Larry and to get your shirt please do one of the following:

1. Print out Larry’s picture from the website and bring it to Burt’s and hand it to the bartdner

2. Show one of the bartenders the page with Larry’s picture on your phone, ipad or other mobile device

3. Write down the URL where you found Larry and show it to a bartender

That’s it…
Ready to find Larry?
Understanding Larry will help you find him

Let’s get started with Who Larry is…and pay attention for clues during your hunt!


Good Luck and Good Larry Hunting…

click this link to learn about Larry

3 comments on “Larry
  1. Randy Bear Sponem says:

    I found Larry….That is so funny.
    Randy and Jeannette

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