Domestic Beer


budwiser bottle onlyBudweiser, America Lager 5.0% – $3.75

Mama Burt Drinks Bud when She wants  to stay Calm!


budwiser light bottle only

Bud light, American Lager 4.2% – $3.75

Diet version of Bud. Not allowed in many homes in Nebraska Valley (Lang Gang). Be careful who you drink it with.

coors ligh bottle onlyt copy
Coors Light, American Lager 4.2% – $3.75
If Billy leaves some for anyone else, you might just get one for yourself!


            Not Your Father’s Root Beer 5.9% – $5.50


Mic ultra bottle only

Michelob Ultra, Pale Amber Lager 5.0% – $4.00
Joe says it keeps his girlish figure alive…what better reason to have one or two?


miller light bottle only copy

Miller Light, American Pilsner 4.2% – $3.75
Adam and Kaylee want to see it on tap. Mama says it stays in the bottle!


           Miller High Life, American Lager 5.0% – $3.75


              Harpoon, IPA 5.9% – $5.50

Pabst Blue Ribbon can only copy
Pabst Blue Ribbon – Tall boy 4.7% – $3.50
PBR…what all of baby Stowe boys are drinking


               Sierra Nevada, Torpedo, Extra IPA 7.2% – $6.00           
heady topper can only copy
Alchemist, Heady Topper, Double IPA, 8.0% – $7.00
Nothing much to say – they’re rare. We’ve got ’em for now. It is currently the world’s number one beer.


           Guinness, Nitro, IPA 5.8% – $4.50


Citizen CiderCitizens Cider, Dirty Mayor (Ginger) 6.9% – $7.00
Hi Octane locally sourced apple juice for grown-ups


           Truly Spiked and Sparkling

           Colima Lime, Pomegranate and Grapefruit-Pomelo 5.0% $5.50



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