Burt’s Nation

Burt’s Nation 2014 Softball Schedule at bottom of page

So what is Burt’s Nation, and what does it mean to become a citizen of Burt’s Nation?burts sign

Though anyone can come to Burt’s Irish Pub, and we encourage it, not just anyone can become a citizen of Burt’s Nation…But once you are, you most likely will never want to lose your citizenship.

Merriam Webster defines a citizen as:

A person who legally belongs to a country and has the rights and protection of that country,

A native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it.

At Burt’s you become a citizen, belong to our Nation, and you are protected as part of our family.

Burt’s Nation is about becoming part of a family. It’s about being laid back, unpretentious, and being a place where you are cared for and about. As a family we pool together, you know someone has your back, you don’t have to be concerned about hooking up or picking up or being picked up. Being a part of Burt’s Nation is about being comfortable, being home. You can come and have a drink and relax with your friends, spouse, significant other, colleagues, or alone and know that you have people is looking out for you.

A Nation takes care of its citizens, and Burt’s takes care of its own. We make it safe to be at Burt’s, and we protect you much the same way you should be protected where you work and live.

Where does Burt’s Nation come from?

burt's nation softball team 2010 6 time championsOur good friend “Wheels” coined the phrase and placed it on a t-shirt after Burt’s softball team won the Stowe Co-ed Softball Championship. The shirt simply said “Burt’s Nation”.

All the other teams think they can beat Burt’s Nation…They are a bunch of old guys and a few gals who no matter what, always seem to pull it off. They have won 8 of the last 9 championships. You see them get out of their cars, banged up. They’re not the most fit bunch, although some are fit, some worn out; we’re not the prettiest group in town, kind of like the pub…We’re not the prettiest, highest priced, most schmancy bar in Stowe, but we get the job done. When it’s time to get out and play, they know what they are doing and don’t take it too seriously. Like the bar.

2014 Burt’s Nation Schedule

5/1/14       Burt’s Nation vs. Harrison’s          6:30 p.m.       Field 3

5/8/14       Burt’s Nation vs. Rimrox                6:30 p.m.      Field 3

5/15/14     Burt’s Nation vs. 10 Acres             6:30 p.m.      Field 3

5/22/14     Burt’s Nation vs. RimRox             6:30 p.m.      Field 2

5/29/14    Burt’s Nation vs. O’Grady’s          6:30 p.m.      Field 4

6/5/14        Burt’s Nation vs. Green Mt.         6:30 p.m.      Field 4

6/12/14      Burt’s Nation vs. Sunset Grille     6:30 p.m.      Field 2

6/19/14      Burt’s Nation vs. Benders              6:30 p.m.      Field 5

6/26/14     Burt’s Nation vs. PaintBoy            6:30 p.m.      Field 1