Burt’s Irish Pub Stowe Vermont: Bartender Rhodesie

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John, known as “Rhodesie” has been at Burt’s since 1997. Rhodesie is the Tuesday/Wednesday guy at Burt’s Irish Pub in Stowe. He’s fast becoming a lifer. He likes to say “you never know when a tournament could break out” or a  huge game of Cards Against Humanity. Imagine 13 stools, of people engaging with one another, being a part of something together.

At Burt’s…you never know what is going to happen. There is no preconceived idea of what the bar is or should be.

“I let the bar do its thing. I’m in the background. I like to find things for people to be a part of.”

“Burt’s to me is family. I like to be involved with my patrons, I know our patrons well, many are my friends. I love bartending. I love intereacing with people. I’m a quiet person when I’m a parton but not as the bartender. I like to think of myself as a directory of what goes on in town. Where to ski, where to rent, where not to eat, what to do. I know when the stores are open and what there is to do.”

Rhodesie is here Tuesday and Wednesday night. Come on in and say hi or enjoy free pool until the quarters run out.


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