Burt’s Irish Pub Stowe Vermont: Bartender “Pauley”

Pauley - Bartender at Burt's Irish Pub in Stowe

Pauley has been working at Burt’s Irish Pub in Stowe since 2003. He’s considered a lifer. He’s fully committed to and loves Burt’s.

“I like to make Burt’s a safe place so when strangers come in they realize it’s no so bad, this locals bar. I like to do what I call a ‘welcome to Burt’s shot.’ When a stranger comes in, I greet them and we do a shot. Simple hospitality…I love this place. It’s a family. It’s a local pub and bar that’s kept a tradition alive for many years serving the locals.”

But locals aren’t the only guests welcome here. Burt’s Irish Pub welcomes everyone, and has plenty of Burt’s Nation members from around the country.

Paul is the entertainment director: music, karaoke, and the  personality behind the bar. Swing in and join the fun. He works Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 5-11


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